Biennale WRO 2015 Test Exposure – Zakończyliśmy przyjmowanie zgłoszeń


Registration of Entries to WRO 2015 TEST EXPOSURE Now Closed

A record number of works from all over the world have been submitted to the WRO 2015 Biennale TEST EXPOSURE. We would like to thank all the entrants.

The WRO Biennale’s programming team is in the process of viewing the submissions now. The artists whose works are selected will be contacted by email, and we will also post a list of the chosen works on the WRO website shortly after February 2015.

Nearly 2500 works have been submitted by artists from 80 countries, including a large number of submissions from Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East, in addition to every country in Europe.

The submitted works are extremely diverse when it comes to genres, subjects, media and the level of production. They present a broad spectrum of current artistic uses of digital media, and a range of artistic responses to the phenomena of the technosphere and contemporary medialized reality. The submitted works include videos, multi-channel projections, installations, objects, a plethora of interactive, robotic and net-based productions, multimedia projects that defy easy classification, and a wide variety of live action, performances and audiovisual concerts.

The most interesting and innovative submissions will be selected by the curators and WRO Biennale’s artistic director for presentation at WRO 2015 TEST EXPOSURE – the 16th edition of the WRO Media Art Biennale, Poland’s largest contemporary art event.

WRO 2015 opens on May 13th with an extensive program of opening events that will run through May 17th, consisting of exhibitions, video premieres, performances, concerts, conferences and artistic interventions in public space. The main WRO 2015 exhibitions will run through June 30th in multiple venues, including the new library building of the University of Wrocław (which will be opened to the public for the first time), the National Museum, the Renoma shopping center, the WRO Art Center, WRO Atelier and private apartments.

The WRO 2015 TEST EXPOSURE exhibitions, retrospectives and presentations will run through September 2015.