The WRO 2015 TEST EXPOSURE catalogue

The WRO 2015 TEST EXPOSURE catalogue

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book, 340 pages, full color, paperback, language: English / Polish
edited by Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska, Piotr Krajewski and Barbara Kręgiel
Wroclaw, 2016


From Introduction:

“Importantly, the latest three editions of the WRO Biennale add up to a coherent conceptual sequence. In 2011, Alternative Now addressed the vibrant trends in contestatory art, critical extra-institutional practices, individual temperaments and the grit of artistic experimentation. In 2013, Pioneering Values prompted reflection on the history of media arts, highlighting both the diversity of its forms as well as its continuous identity sustained over half a century of uninterrupted development. In turn, Test Exposurelabelling the entire programme of the 2015 WRO Biennale, highlights its focus on the recent developments in media arts coupled with testing of diverse ways in which media art may be displayed or may itself affect the viewers.”


Dagmara Domagała
City Exposure: Traces and the Open City

Magdalena Kreis
Little WRO

Kamila Wolszczak
GG: Self-Supporting Universal Exhibitions

Dagmara Domagała
First Competition for Media Arts Graduation Projects

Krzysztof Dix
Where Does the Carpet Go?

Krzysztof Perzyna

Roger Malina
The Crisis in Data Representation: Re-Imaging Ways of Exploring and Inhabiting Data

Piotr Wyrzykowski
Mobile Applications for Pissedness Expression

Joanna Zylinska
Fossils as Media: Photography After Extinction