Our art guides

Our art guides




Hello, my name is Oleksandr, I come from Zhytomyr but I studied in Wrocław. I graduated from Wroclaw University at the Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication, majoring in Photojournalism. I work as a photographer, and I most enjoy taking portraits of people.
With my camera, I try to express my admiration and love for people, especially women. In photography, the most important thing for me is to stay as close to human beings as possible. For me, art does not end with photography. I believe that art is everything that has been created by man in traditional and modern culture, as well as what nature has created. It all inspires me a lot, and I look forward to sharing this inspiration with you!


Hi, my name is Mariia. I come from Ukraine. I was born in the city of Cherkasy, where I spent my childhood and teenage years before I went to Poland to study. I have been living in Wroclaw for two years now. I love art, both contemporary and traditional. I believe that art brings people together and helps us express our feelings. Art shows how innovative, creative and skillful we, human beings, are. And in these difficult times that we now find ourselves in as a society, art can provide us with a safe space. I am very excited to be a part of the Interactive Playground and look forward to meeting you at the WRO Art Center and spending quality time with you!


Hello, my name is Anna and recently I came to Wroclaw from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, together with my younger brother Bogdan. I studied rhythmic gymnastics, and I have been working as a choreographer, dancer, and fitness instructor. I love teaching dance to children and adults, showing them how to stay happy, healthy, and in good shape by consciously and creatively working with their bodies. Dance is my greatest passion, for 12 years I have performed with various groups in Ukraine, Europe, and such distant countries as China and the Maldives. Now I am happy that we’re going to move together in the space of the Interactive Playground.


Hello, my name is Vitalina. I was born in Lviv, where I study at the Ivan Trusz State College of Decorative and Applied Arts at the faculty of easel painting restoration. For 13 years I have been working with Ukrainian and international festivals, the main purpose of which is the presentation and development of Ukrainian culture. I have my own art studio in Lviv, where I work with my friends – artists – to create and organize exhibitions of young Ukrainian artists. I express my vision of the world using the technique of oil painting. I am very glad that in such difficult times, when I had to leave my home country due to the war, I found out about the WRO Art Center and became a part of it. Now I can’t wait to see you here!