WIDOK: WRO Media Art Reader 2

Widok 2: Nam June Paik. Driving Media

WIDOK: WRO Media Art Reader 2

Widok 2: Nam June Paik. Driving Media


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Nam June Paik. Driving Media

book (Polish+English) and DVD (Polish+English, subtitled), 250 pages, hardcover
edited by Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka and Krzysztof Dobrowolski


“In Poland, Nam June Paik is known more because of his legend than because of his work and theories. The major Paik exhibitions that were organized in the 1990s didn’t make it to our part of Europe. The only monographic exhibition organized here took place during the WRO Biennale in 1999, where the New York-based artist and curator Stephen Vitiello presented a comprehensive retrospective of Paik’s video works, developed in collaboration with the artist. Paik himself was unable to travel to Wrocław due to his disabilities.

The works gathered in the exhibition originated from various collections and represented every period of Paik’s intensive artistic activity. Graphics, drawings, performance footage, photos, sketches, notes, musical scores, biographical documents, silkscreens, heliographs, experiments with video and satellite broadcast, and striking sculptures composed of multiple TV sets were juxtaposed to reveal the uniquely intermedial creative path of this «Pope of video art». The exhibition was supplemented by unique documentary footage of a number of Paik’s performances recorded by the German public broadcaster WDR as early as the 1970s, and by a broad range of Paik’s videos and documentaries from the Electronic Arts Intermix collection in New York.  The Driving Media exhibition was accompanied by an international conference entitled Paik on Paper/Paik on Screen.

This issue of WIDOK. WRO Media Art Reader includes a selection of papers presented at the conference, supplemented by translations of some significant source publications that have never previously appeared in Poland.”


Piotr Krajewski
Nam June Paik. Driving Media

Jochen Saueracker
When Art Won’t Stop

Susanne Rennert
On sunny days, count the waves of the Rhine. On windy days, count the waves of the Rhine. Nam June Paik’s Early
Rhineland Years (1958–1963)

Susanne Rennert
Nam June Paik: Timeline (1958-1968)

Wulf Herzogenrath
An East-West Nomad Secluded in the Global Net

Lars Movin
The Zen Master of video. Nam June Paik: between minimalism and overkill

John Thomson
Zen and the Art of Television: The Art and Ideas of Nam June Paik

Dieter Daniels
Television – Art or Anti-art? Conflict and cooperation between the avant-garde and the mass media in the 1960s and 1970s

Stephen Vitiello
Nam June Paik. A Retrospective of Video Tapes

Anja Osswald
“Electronic Collages”: Nam June Paik’s Videos

Check out the DVD

The Father of Video Art: A Tribute to Nam June Paik, WestART, WDR 2006, 2:13

The Exhibition of the Week: Nam June Paik in Cologne, Almanach der Woche: Nam June Paik, Austellung der Woche, WDR 1976, 7:03

Nam June Paik – Earth, Moon and Sun, WestART Meisterwerke, WDR 2006, 4:07

Nam June Paik, Aktuelle Stunde, WDR 1991, 3:08

Mister Video Art – Nam June Paik, Linie K, WDR 1991, 5:30

Nam June Paik’s Happenings, Kopfball, WDR 1993, 2:15

Nam June Paik, Aktuelle Stunde, WDR 1994, 3:45

Anti-television, fragments of TV program by Violetta and Piotr Krajewski, Open Studio/WRO, 2006, 8:30

Driving Media exhibition video documentation, WRO Art Center, 2008, 17:22

Interview with Jochen Saueracker, 3:27