WRO 2011 Alternative Now On Tour

WRO 2011 Alternative Now On Tour



WRO 2011 Alternative Now On Tour program

A selection of video works shown at this year’s WRO Biennale, arranged by WRO’s artistic director Piotr Krajewski into four thematic programs that juxtapose a wide range of topics and styles, from sophisticated visual compositions to raw performance documents and social media experiments.

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WRO 2011 Alternative Now Flash

WRO Alternative Now Flash is a dynamic 40-minute video survey of the WRO 2011 Biennale, presenting the Biennale’s venues and atmosphere as well as current trends in media art, creative approaches and the issues raised by contemporary art.


Sic Transit

Manuel Saiz

2009, 4:37, IT

We, Technoviking

Matthias Fritsch

2010, 09:30, DE


Kazuhiro Goshima

2010, 4:39, JP

Horizontal Intimacy

Seoungho Cho

2010, 8:29, KR/USA

Hold On

Marek Ranis, Jonathan Case

2010, 3:11, PL/USA


Nicolas Provost

2010, 7:40, BE

Le Depart

Robert Cahen

2011, 6:14, FR


Szechina / Shekhinah

Piotr Bosacki

2010, 11:11, PL

Strange Love

Richard Wilhelmer

2010, 5:00, AT

Black Rain

Semiconductor: Ruth Jarman, Joe Gerhardt

2009, 3:02, USA

Muteki no Hito / Invincible Mighty Man

Yasuto Yura

2010, 6:09, JP

Koniec / The End

Agnieszka Pokrywka

2009, 08:58, PL

The Caring Bears

Ulf Kristiansen

2010, 3:01, NO

One Harmonious Afternoon

Alessandro Rolandi

2010, 11:50, IT


Song of the Antihero

Istvan Kantor

2010, 10:00, CA

Biała armia / White Army

Maria Ewa Toboła

2010, 02:49, PL

Chocolate to Sisiphus

Marie Ota

2010, 13:00, JP

Western Meat Market

Francesca Fini

2010, 7:00, IT


Justyna Misiuk

2011, 1:41, PL

507 375 153

Jaś Domicz

2010, 2:00, PL