50 Years of Electronic Art


50 Years of Electronic Art



March 11th – 20th 2013, WRO Art Center, Wrocław

March 11th – 20th 1963, Galerie Parnass, Wuppertal

Inauguration of the 50 Years of Electronic Art celebrations, marks the upcoming 15. Media Art Biennale WRO 2013 Pioneering Values that starts May the 8th

Installations and video material connected with Exposition of Music – Electronic Television exhibition, along with a series of screenings of Nam June Paik’s videos.

Screenings program:


Mon, March 11th – Rare Performance Documents Vol. 1

Tue, March 12th – Rare Performance Documents Vol. 2

Wed, March 13th – TV as a Creative Medium / Paik & Jud Yalkut Films & Videos / Button Happening

Thu, March 14th – Documenta 6 Satellite Telecast – Joseph Beuys, Douglas Davis, Nam June Paik

Fri, March 15th – Digital Experiment at Bell Labs

Mon, March 18th – Suite 212 – Paik’s Personal New York Sketchbook

Tue, March 19th – Good Morning Mr. Orwell

Wed, March 20th – Dokumentation of the Driving Media exhibition


Paik’s first major exhibition Exposition of Music – Electronic Television took place from March 11–20, 1963 in the Wuppertal private Galerie Parnass (…) the chaotic impression made by the TV ensemble is deceptive, insofar as the whole thing is more like a laboratory situation with various experiments set up in it than a classical  exhibition. Paik’s idea of Participation TV which allows viewers to participate actively rather than remain passive consumers, anticipates current discussion about interactivity and multimedia as twenty-first century mass media.

Dieter Daniels, Paik’s Participation TV, text in the Widok 2. WRO Media Art Reader: Nam June Paik – Driving Media, WRO Art Center, Wrocław 2009

Paik used four pianos, objects that produced mechanical sounds, a few/several records and tapes, twelve interconnected TV sets and the head of a freshly slaughtered ox, which was hung over the entrance to the gallery. It was the first time TV sets had been used as ready-mades and as instruments for electronic painting. Scholars and critics concurred that Paik’s piece was a breakthrough in the use of new media in art, using them simultaneously as tools, as a means of expression and as raw material.

The internet premiere of the interactive catalog AC/DC/IT: A Short History of Video Installations – at video.wrocenter.pl

Concept: Piotr Krajewski, Viola Krajewska