Art Mediation is a multifaceted and constantly elaborated program developed in the context of the current and recent exhibitions and projects, and permeating all aspects of the institution’s activity. The Art Mediation program aims to encourage viewers to get in touch with contemporary art, especially media arts, and to start a dialogue with the audience, to create conditions for new experiences and to enhance further independent research.

About art mediation programme

The program is directed to people of all ages and with diverse background. It adopts various forms of activity: these are not only workshops or guided tours, but also publications and other educational projects based on, among others, the WRO Collection and special thematical paths in the Media Library with specially designed audiovisual materials and handouts.

The WRO Art Center does not employ people to watch exhibitions. Instead, members of the WRO team act as Art Mediators, ready to talk about the institution and guide you through the exhibition. We focus on the individual and long-term contact with the audience.

Art Mediation