The WRO 2011 ALTERNATIVE NOW catalogue

The WRO 2011 ALTERNATIVE NOW catalogue


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book, 290 pages, full color, language: English / Polish
edited by Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska and Piotr Krajewski
Wroclaw, 2012


Edward A. Shanken
Alternative Nows and Thens To Be

Erkki Huhtamo
Bucket Riders: Independent Media Creativity in a New Millennium

Geoff Cox
There Is No Alternative

Lev Manovich
There Is Only Software

Christian Urlik Andersen
Ludic Alternatives

Maria Anna Potocka
The Anthropology of Alternatives

Monika Bakke
Bio-Transfigurations: When Life As We Know It Is Not Enough

Joasia Krysa
Curatorial Alternatives to What? From Alternative Forms to Everyday Technologies

Łukasz Gorczyca
The Alternative, Real and Otherwise

Yukiko Shikata
After 3/11 – Alternatives in the Age of the Info-Ecosystem

Akiko Kasuya
Alternative Art Now: From Japan

Istvan Kantor
Excerpts from the Lamentations of Istvan Kantor

Andrzej Dudek-Dürer
The Alternative Art of Going Beyond

Circulating Flesh: The Cadaver, the Comatose & the Chimera