The WRO 2013 PIONEERING VALUES catalogue

The WRO 2013 PIONEERING VALUES catalogue


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book, 302 pages, full color, paperback, language: English / Polish
edited by Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska and Piotr Krajewski
Wroclaw, 2014

From Introduction:

“The theme of WRO 2013 was Pioneering Values, and the program aimed to presenting established, historic new-media works and approaches alongside current phenomena reflecting contemporary culture. All the WRO 2013 events undertook to highlight the roles of past and current media experiments, and included art-mediation activities, such as meetings with the artists and curatorial-guided tours for more than 100,000 visitors of the Biennale.”


Kristine Stiles
… But a Hammer with Which to Shape It: Media Art and Society 1959-2013

Michał Paweł Markowski
What Does the Transvaluation of All Values Mean?

Geoff Cox
Paradoxical Values of Running Code

Erkki Huhtamo
The Social Media Panopticon: Reflections on the Media Apparatus

Steina & Woody Vasulka
Carolee Schneemann