ASA – Japanese Matinée

15th May, 2016
12:30 PM

ASA – Japanese Matinée

15th May, 2016
12:30 PM


Japanese Matinée is a part of the Eco Expanded City project.

The special program of animations has been prepared by Koyo Yamashita, curator of the Image Forum (Tokyo, Japan).

After the screening, Hajime Narukawa, a Japanese artist, architect and researcher, whose AuthaGraph project is part of the UTOPIAS exhibition at WRO Art Center, will talk about a new representation format of the Earth on an unusual map.


Dog & Bone by Shiriagari Kotobuki
The dog is walking on two feet with his arm moving around and around. He is chasing a bone someone threw him.

Funkorogashi by Yoji Kuri
Analog animation depicting the dog feces dropped throughout the city, Tokyo.

Fig by Koji Yamamura
A simple drawing animation with a short story about one night in Tokyo.

Bio City by Yoshihisa Nakanishi
In a city that seems devoid of people autonomous robots repeat apparently meaningless activities. The purpose and meaning of what they do is unknown. They simply repeat ceaselessly the roles they have been programmed to play. They are the same as insects and animals, and perhaps the same as humans.

Loopic Cube by Yoshihisa Nakanishi
Geometric patterns drawn on the surface of a white cube revolve in a circle. The cube also itself rotates and then multiplies, so that the patterns’ appearance transform based on the how each cube aligns with its neighbors. Experimental animation made with paper m