Little WRO Guide


Little WRO Guide


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30 years
30 works of art
30 + 1 participants


Two years ago, on the pages of the previous Little WRO Guidebook, we asked the question: ‘Maybe you will be the curator of Little WRO 2019?’. That was not a rhetorical question as such – we put thoughts into actions, we made important decisions about the WRO Biennale program and we decided to create this Guidebook. Our aim was to invite 30 people to participate – parents and children, comprising of 15 family-tandems where the parent and child work together. We have also selected 30 works of art, half of them taken from this year’s edition of the program, organized under the theme HUMAN ASPECT, the other half come from our WRO archives, first formed in 1989. Why 30? Because WRO is celebrating its 30th birthday this year.

Our invitations were quickly answered by those willing to work together, and the works we have put together have become the starting point for talks, activities and sometimes even disputes between the family members or family-tandems. The human aspect is unpredictable, so we had to make one exception: for a father and his twin daughters, so in our teams of family duos there is also one trio. We asked each family team to elaborate on the two pieces of art they received. By putting one new work together with one presented at WRO in the past, we wanted to show that despite the passage of time and changing technologies, the works are still valid, interesting and relevant to each other.

Everyone worked creatively according to their own rules, associations and at their own pace. A diverse collection of notes, observations, tasks and drawings, arranged in the Little WRO Guidebook, is now a new story about art and it can help to stimulate your own search. Plenty to dwell upon – whether in a frivolous or more serious and reflective mood – we encourage you to think about art!


Magdalena Kreis, the curator of Little WRO
Piotr Krajewski, the Artistic Director of the WRO Biennale


Participants: Karolina Bieniek i Nina Bieniek-Tomalik, Kinga Dobrowolska i Karol Dobrowolski, Asia Gala i Zosia Gala, Tomasz Garpiel, Aleksandra Garpiel i Alicja Garpiel, Dominika Hilszczańska i Stanisław Hilszczański, Agi Kłonowska i Bruno Stefani, Emilia Kołodziej i Tymon Kołodziej, Agnieszka Kraszewska i Olga Kraszewska, Jan Kraszewski i Łucja Kraszewska, Katarzyna Krajewska i Ignacy Grabowiecki, Gabriela Sadowska i Maksymilian Sadowski, Emilia Staniek i Iwo Zygmunt, Maciej Szczepański i Sonia Szczepańska, Aneta Winiarska i Filip Winiarski, Anna Wydra i Maciej Bober



Works presented in the Little WRO Guidebook:

WRO Biennale 2019: Joacélio Batista (BR) Ich bin der übermensch, Hamza Kırbaş (TR) PowerismRafał Żarski (PL) Palace in the middle of the town, Hirofumi Nakamoto (JP) Guests from the Riverside, Risako Kawashima, Yasuaki Kakehi (JP) Anima, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos (USA) OracleShun Owada (JP) unearth / Paleo-PacificEmmanuel Tussore (FR) Study for a soapHOKORI Computing – Tatsuya Ishikawa, Kazuya Horibe, Ritsuko Miyake, Katsuki Nogami, Hanna Saito (JP) Tachihokoru, panGenerator – Krzysztof Cybulski, Krzysztof Goliński, Jakub Koźniewski (PLhash2ashMitsuru Tokisato (JP) Tortoise TimerFabian Kühfuß (DE) Nintendogs, Thomas Garnier (FR) Cenotaphs, Edward Ihnatowicz (PL/GB) SENSTERKatrin Hochschuh (DE), Adam Donovan (AU) Empathy Swarm

WRO archives: Laurent Vicente (FR) Unreal Doubres, Víctor Hugo Portillo (SV) Robocop, Ralph Kistler (DE) Social Netwalks, Maarten Isaak de Heer (NL) A Flood Story [mu:stƏrman], Edward Zajec (USA) Orphics 6.1Igor Krenz (PL) Ręka utalentowanego artysty, Zygmunt Rytka (PL) Ciągłość nieskończonościKurt d’Haeseleer (BE) FossilizationAlessandro Fonte (IT) UnisonoEric Siu (HK) Sliding WhitesPhilipp Artus (DE) Snail TrailAgata Kus (PL) Matka, Piotr Wyrzykowski (PL) Beta Nassau, Justine Cooper (AU) RAPT, Anna Orlikowska (PL) Film o robakach 1


Graphic design: Malwina Hajduk
Translation: Emila Staniek