The Art Wires

Mar 3 – Apr 28, 2021
call for mediators
WRO Biennale 2021 REVERSO

The Art Wires

Mar 3 – Apr 28, 2021
call for mediators
WRO Biennale 2021 REVERSO


The Art Wires program is a series of meetings, workshops and lectures addressed to everyone who wants to actively participate in creating and practicing new ways for working with an artwork, artist and audience during international events of media art.

Preparing for the WRO 2021 REVERSO Biennale, we want to together create innovative methods of building relationships between artworks and their recipients.

Anyone can participate in the Art Wires, age does not matter. It is important to be open for art and to want to working with the WRO 2021 audience, physically and online.

The Art Wires course – prepared by the WRO Art Center team – consists of five workshops and lectures, during these meetings, the participants will:
– integrate into a team of volunteers,
– get to know the characteristics of WRO Art Center and the WRO Biennale,
– explore the communication tools with the audience,
– design their activities with us and prepare selected forms of contact with the audience,
– explore the sphere of media art and the WRO 2021 program.

See you:

During the Art Wires course:
March 3 / 4-6 PM
March 24-25 / 3-6 PM
April 7 / 4-6 PM
April 14 / 4-6 PM
April 28 / 4-6 PM
You can join us until March 24, 2021.

during the opening days:
May 12-15, 2021

during the exhibitions, preformances, and workshops:
until the end of 2021

Every Art Guide will get a certificate of participation in workshops, lectures, and volunteerism at the WRO Biennale 2021.

Please send your CV at, enter REVERSO as the email’s subject.
We are looking forward to you joining us as volunteers, interns, and trainees!