Józef Robakowski: Energetic Images. Bio-mechanical Recordings 1970-2005

Józef Robakowski: Energetic Images. Bio-mechanical Recordings 1970-2005



The bilingual multimedia publication Józef Robakowski. Energetic Images is the first thorough monograph devoted to the energetic and bio-mechanical elements in Józef Robakowski’s works and films. Robakowski is one of the most prominent figures on the Polish artistic scene. The DVD collection includes such classics as ‘From My Window’ or ‘Attention! Light’, as well as the lesser known, previously unscreened productions of the artist, such as ‘Art Is…’, a performance for George Quasha’s project or ‘Joseph’s Touch’, a queer-stylized video produced in Canada.

Publication date: 2007
Book and 3 DVDs (33 works), boxed
Languages: Polish, English, German summary

Size: 200 x 140mm
Color hardcover
224 pages, 185 b/w illustrations

ISBN 978-83-921797-4-0, ISBN 83-921797-4-9


Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska

Patricia Grzonka
Personal Cinema: Józefa Robakowski’s Cinematic Works

Piotr Krajewski
Energetic Images: The Bio-Mechanical Recordings of Józef Robakowski

Program I
Attention: LIGHT! (for Paul Sharits)

Program II
The Bio-Mechanical Recordings: Film- and Video-Performances

Program III
My Very Own Cinema: Operations on Reality

Józef Robakowski
Video Converastions 1989-2005: Always Looking for the World of the Future

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Program I
Attention: LIGHT ! (for Paul Sharits)

Test I, 35mm, 1971, 5′
An Atempt (Test II), 35mm, 1971, 2′
The Dynamic Rectangle,35mm, 1971, 3′
Videosongs, video, 1992, 4′
Videokisses, video, 1992, 3′
1,2,3,4…, video, 1993, 2′
Iddle Line, video,1992, 3′
Impulsators, video, 2000, 3′
The Energy Angles, film/video, 1971-2004, 12′
Attention: LIGHT ! (in cooperation with Wieslaw Michalak), video, 2004, 5′

Program II
The Bio-mechanical Recordings. Film- and Video- performance

The Energy Manifest !, video, 2003, 2′
I Am Going…, 35mm, 1973, 3′
Nearer – Further, video, 1985, 4′
Dance with Trees, video,1985, 3′
Cars ! Cars !, video, 1985, 2′
La – Lu, video, 1985, 2′
Come to Me, video, 1989, 5′
Ouch, My foot hurts…, video, 1990, 3′
About My Fingers, video,1982, 5′
I was a Boy in New York, video,1989, 4′
Yaga ! Pick Up the Call Please…,video, 1992, 5′
Acoustic Apple, video, 1994, 4′
My Videomasochisms, video, 1989, 4′
Joseph’s Will, video, 1992, 2′
I Am Electric, video, 1996-2005, 13′

Bonus track: Art Is…, video, 2003, 2′

Program III
My Very Own Cinema. Operations on Reality

The Market (cooperation of Tadeusz Junak, Ryszard Meissner), 35mm,1970, 5′
Mechanical Cameraman, video, 2003, 6′
‘Party’ with Lutoslawski , video, 1987, 27′
Energy Recording: Moscow and My Eye, video, 1985, 30′
From My Window, film/video, 1978 – 2000, 20′

Bonus track: Joseph’s Touch, video, 1989, 18′
Bonus track: Conversation with My Mother, video, 2004, 7′