WRO 01 Screens

WRO 01 Screens


9th International Media Art Biennale WRO 01 Screens
2001, May 1st – 6th

The leading theme of WRO 01 concerned the then observed evolution of the social function of screens and their expansion into new areas of reality. During the lectures devoted to the history of screens in culture and artistic actions utilizing the atypical back then types of screens (cellular phones’ and other communication devices’ screens or large displays set in public spaces). The lectures have been contucteed by among others, Sally Jane Norman, Walter van der Cruijsen (ASCII Art Ensamble), Alexiej Shulgin, Machiko Kusahara.

Performance On Demand by Anna Płotnicka, a performance utilising the feedback from the internet audience has made history.

Within only a couple of days the i-club, organized in the large empty industrial spaces in the city centre had enjoyed great popularity and had been used for performances and audiovisual concerts, featuring among others, a cult Cyberpunk-rock band, the 386 DX and Gameboyzz Orchestra with their debut show.

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52 works selected from 780 submissions were presented


Katherine Carl (USA)
Erkki Huhtamo, (Finlandia, USA)
Jarosław Kapuściński (PL, CA)
Sally Jane Norman (FR, NZ)
Alexei Shulgin (RU)

1st PRIZE (ex aequo)

Heroes, Oliver Pietsch (DE, 2000)
Dragon, Anita Sarosi (HU, 1999)


Gemini, Andreas Gedin (SE, 2000)


Rewind, [n:ja] (AT, 2000)


Ventilar, Alex Sanjurjo Rubio (ES, 2001)
The Garden, Dan Geesin and Esther Rots (UK/NL, 1999)
BIT Plane, BIT – Bureau of Inverse Technology (USA, 1999)