WRO 07

WRO 07


12th International Media Art Biennale WRO 07
2007, May 16th – 20th

QR codes had been used to present the programme and the content of artistic events for the first time in Poland.

“The Night of Archivists” – During the symposium, the participants from Canada, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland had dedicated their speeches to the archives of modern art in context of the Internet as a global archive of cultural elements. The concept of a an archive as a piece of art and a piece of art as an archive had emerged during the symposium, later developed in the program of Centrum Sztuki WRO. Incite, an electroacoustic audio-video duet (Kera Nagel and André Aspelmeier) had their grand debut in Poland.  Scanner (Robin Rambound) and D-Fuse had also made an appearance.

An interactive internet film, Sufferrosa, by Dawid Marcinkowski has had its premiere during the festival.

Obrazy Energetyczne(Energetic Images), the first comprehensive multimedia monograph of Józef Robakowski, the most important pioneer of media art in Poland, has been presented. (editorial supervision by V. and P. Krajewski)



89 works selected from over 1500 submissions were presented


Dorota Monkiewicz (PL)
Elias Levin Rojo (MX)
Jan Schuijren (NL)
John Thomson (USA)


Negai wo hiku, Aki Nakazawa (JP, 2006)


28 YEARS IN THE IMPLICATE ORDER, Pascual Sisto (USA, 2005)

3rd PRIZE (ex aequo)

Incite/, Kera Nagel & Andre Aspelmeier (DE, 2004-2006)


Mauerpark, Stadtmusik (AT, 2007)
(((.living.stereo.))), Brian Mackern (UY, 2006)