part 1: Draft Yourself A System
29 September – 29 October, 2017


part 1: Draft Yourself A System
29 September – 29 October, 2017


Every two years – thanks to the WRO Biennale – Wroclaw becomes a place of presentation for the most recent artistic practicies from all over the world.

This year’s exhibitions, shows, meetings, performances and concerts were staged under the motto of DRAFT SYSTEMS. The phrase represents the mutability of the world’s regulatory systems, highlights their complexity and instability, underscores their volatile control-defying nature and foregrounds on-going reorganisations of reality.

The documentation of the WRO 2017 Biennale events, its individual threads and selected works are now becoming the material for the audience. In the two following resume previews of the Biennale, including the documentation collages, latest works by artist from all over the world, and the game/discussion sets allow everyone to take their own view in the shaky and unstable reality.

In the first part of the exhibition titled Draft Yourself A System everyone will be able to criticize / analyze / create their own system with the help of the originally used interaction system controlled via radio-magnetic waves (the so-called RFID), among others. The permanent part of the exhibition is the Cyanometer installation which will be presented in the public space until May 2018.

The WRO 2017 DRAFT SYSTEMS Résumé exhibition is accompanied by a series of creative activities and workshops with the participation of the WRO 2017 artists.

works / documentations / video programs:

Marcin Dymiter (PL), Soundscape Set, sound performance
Martin Bricelj Baraga (SI), Cyanometer: Monument to the Blueness of the Sky, installation in the public space
Andrey Ustinov (RU/DE), Film Noir, performative installation
Alexandre Larose (CA), brouillard #19, installation
Byungju Lee (KR), Fountain, installation
Systaime Michaël Borras (FR), Attract Money, installation

video programs: Contract For The Future / Natural Budget / Compute The Camouflage

documentation of the OS (Systemic Operations) exhibition

debates / documentations:

Networks of Culture – working sessions (initiators: Mirosław Filiciak, Paweł Janicki, Aleksandra Janus, Dominika Kluszczyk, Alek Tarkowski)

Draft Me A System – illustrated talk (talk: Edwin Bendyk + Piotr Krajewski, draft: Lena Czerniawska + Michał Szota)

Donella Meadows, Dancing with Systems


conceptdocumentation and compilation: WROcenter Group – Raúl Brasero Antoranz, Alan Casado, Krzysztof Dobrowolski, Dagmara Domagała, Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka, Claudia García, Malwina Hajduk, Paweł Janicki, Kamil Kawalec, Dominika Kluszczyk, Klio Krajewska, Viola Krajewska, Piotr Krajewski, Magdalena Kreis, Paweł Kreis, Barbara Kręgiel, Zbigniew Kupisz, Michał Michałczak, Paulina Ostrowska, Artur „Szczupak” Szczepaniak, Jerzy Szota, Marcin Wenzel, Maurycy Wiliczkiewicz