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Jul 13-19, 2020


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Jul 13-19, 2020


The movement of the brush is by nature dynamic, with colors freely emerging on a white surface. While the ACTION PAINTING show dwells on a frame clipped from art history, it also contains a paraphrase of a cinematic sound bite: “Brush, action!”

Lech Twardowski (PL) Opera Transferred
Opera Transferred unfolds on the stage of Wrocław’s Teatr Współczesny (Contemporary Theater) as a performance based on action painting, where the camera which records the event at the same time mediates and enhances the expressiveness of the painterly gesture by sequencing variants and fragments of the large-scale abstract paintings that is being produced in front of the audience.

Paweł Janicki + Dominika Sobolewska (PL) Interactive Playground: Painting with Light
The movements of users brandishing their toys are reflected in a series of overlaid color spots. The interactive Painting with Light involves viewers of various ages in the making of a collaborative artwork, whereby art emerges from play, as children duel using their color-squirting sabers.

Keiko Takahashi + Shinji Sasada (JP) Rakugaki
Rakugaki explores the boundary between analog and digitalized images. The ways in which objects exist in the world and are transferred into the digital reality become a site of interpretation for machines, which transpose positions from our world onto their own one by creating contours, generating lines, and receiving audio signals that are not photographic renderings but interferences with their structure. Drawing becomes a bridge between the two worlds – the material one, in which we can stain our fingers with a pencil, and the digital one, in which imperfections of representations are highlighted.

Kuba Borkowicz (PL) Endurance
Circus art as performed by Kuba Borkowicz morphs into a technique evoking the tradition of abstract expressionism. As he is rambling to and fro across sheets of paper, Borkowski is juggling three balls and drops one of them every now and then, which imprints the marks of bounces on the surface. Dropping balls by chance multiple times serves as a painting technique that requires an extraordinary eponymous endurance.

WROcenter Group (PL) RGB: Ray Gun Beam Virus for Paul Sharits
The American artist Paul Sharits repeatedly used monochrome film tapes in his works. The installation refers to his Ray Gun Virus of 1966 and at the same time to the method of generating video image by means of a three-lamp RGB projector (with each lamp corresponding to one of the basic colors), a device used from the late 1970s through the 1980s.

In the RGB, interaction unfolds as viewers move in front of the camera, shadows are cast on some of the component colors, and – acoustically – sounds are emitted. Everyone is a transmitter of basic colors, which we could perceive more clearly if dispersed. This would radically alter our seeing.

Robert Cahen (FR) Paysages / Passage
Paysages/Passage is a video installation which consists of thirteen monitors mounted on a curved, doubly bending transparent table. They display images of electronically processed landscapes shot from a running train. The fluid sequence of half-abstract, superimposed multicolored forms is rhythmically arranged into a sinuous shape that conveys the timeless pictoriality of vision, which – seduced by contours and hues – is capable of discovering the visual structures of reality even in views from a train window.

Lech Twardowski (PL) Generator III
Generator III is an audiovisual installation which combines the means of expression typical of visual arts with spatial sound, generative music, and interaction. The installation consist of a pictorial object (a wooden platform with a screen of salt at the center of it), three hanging pictorial objects, and Paweł Janicki’s original software based on infrared sensors, which controls the sound composition and image projection. Live-generated images and sounds represent the flow of energy and provoke the audience to respond in spontaneous and emotional ways, which result in “enhancing” the visual and sonic effects.



Lech Twardowski (PL)
Opera Transferred
documentation of the performance
musicians: Sylvie Lorin, Piotr Gucia, Igor McRams, Christophe Leduc
Wrocław Contomporary Theatre
3rd International Sound Basis Visual Art Festival WRO 91

Paweł Janicki + Dominika Sobolewska (PL)
Interactive Playground: Painting with light
documentation of the installation

Keiko Takahashi + Shinji Sasada (JP)
documentation of the installation
Wrocław Contemporary Theatre
11th Media Art Biennale WRO 05

Kuba Borkowicz (PL)
documentation of the performance at WRO Art Center
19 October 2014
Distinguishing Features exhibition

WROcenter Group (PL)
RGB: Ray Gun Beam Virus for Paul Sharits
documentation of the installation
exhibition AC/DC/IT. Alternating/Direct/Shifting at WRO Art Center
26 June – 1 August 2012

Robert Cahen (FR)
Paysages / Passage
sound: Michel Chion
documentation of the installation and an artist talk
National Museum in Wroclaw
12th Media Art Biennale WRO 07

Lech Twardowski (PL)
Generator III
interaction and sound: Paweł Janicki
documentation of the installation
Impart, Wrocław, 2003