Artist Talk

Artist Talk

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ArtistTalk Culture and Knowledge Platform

Artist Talk is a collaborative initiative, project created by three contemporary art and new media centers from Europe: CodeEp from Slovenia, CIANT from Czech Republic and WRO Center for Media Art Foundation.

WRO contributes to the project by organizing artist talks events connected with the exhibitions at the WRO Art Center and the WRO Atelier as well as programming of interview series with Polish and international artists. On the occasion of external exhibitions and projects curated by WRO and co-produced at other venues, such as The State of the Image exhibition at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin, interviews, talks and meetings with artists also take place. All Artist Talk events are recorded and made available to the wider public via Artist Talk internet platform on: It is a source of knowledge about contemporary art and its communication and technology aspects, a place for sharing artists’ ideas and also a mean to increase their visibility and enhance understanding of their unique practices.

The main goal of Artist Talk implemented under the programme „Culture 2001-2013” of the European Union is establishing a platform for networking, education and exchange of new media and experimental art organisations by simulation and promotion of dialogue and talk in all fields of creativity.



Slovenia: CodeEp is a cultural association established in 2001 to explore fields of contemporary visual communication, electronic music and urban performance. In May 2008 a part of the CodeEp collective devoted to art and research established MoTA (Museum of Transitory Art), exploring new media and experimental art and a residency program for artists.


Czech Republic: CIANT, founded in 1998, supporting production and promotion of technological art and culture,  intersecting with various scientific domains. Organizes festivals,  training sessions, exhibitions, performances and conferences.

Poland: Fundacja Wro Centrum Sztuki Mediów/ Wro Art Center

Artist Talk is co-funded by the Culture Programme (2009-2013) of the European Union