EEC / CLOSE: Paweł Szeibel and the artists of the ArtBrut Gallery (PL)

September-November 2016

EEC / CLOSE: Paweł Szeibel and the artists of the ArtBrut Gallery (PL)

September-November 2016


The project attempts to address the issues of the relationship between man and nature. Together with the participants of the workshop, i.e. artists from the ArtBrut Gallery in Wroclaw, we try to reconsider the interrelation between the world of flora and the world of man. To what extent are we related to the plant environment? What do we know about the ecology? Are we able to build a bond with plant species?

Human beings experience nature with all their senses at different levels – it allows them for a direct, expressive action. Same plants; despite the lack of the nervous system, they are also sensitive to external stimuli, such as light, colour and touch. We want to explore this topic through our creative activities.

We are also going to touch upon the issue of the human body as part of the ecosystem. Nowadays, contemporary artists often combine art and ecology. In the first part of the workshop we want to look up their works and make mind maps, and then, in the second part of the workshop, we’ll create artworks in a chosen medium (photography, video, installation, painting, performance). Interviews with the participants will also be part of the process.

The workshop, organized as part of the Eco Expanded City project, and the meetings in the Studio for Social and Cultural Inclusion will be summarized with the CLOSE exhibition, presented in the ArtBrut Gallery in Wroclaw (opening: October 20, 2016, 5 PM, exhibition through November 25, 2016).

Artists of the ArtBrut Gallery: Darek Dera | Marcin Guźla | Piotr Jeruzel | Agnieszka Kołodziejczyk | Jacek Kröle | Magdalena Kożuchowska | Kamil Łyjak | Marta Nawojczyk | Andrzej Niedźwiecki | Piotr Rymko | Wanda Sidorowicz | Daniel Stachowski | Krzysztof „Hetman” Tarnowski | Mateusz Tatarczyk | Elwira Zacharska

Paweł Szeibel graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. In the years 2006-2007 he studied at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha in Spain. In 2008 he received his diploma with honours in the studio of Prof. Jacek Rykała (Painting) and in the studio of Prof. Marian Oslislo (New Media). He is currently an assistant in the Department of Painting of his alma mater.

Szeibel works with painting, video and installation in the public space. He touches areas usually reserved for botanists and gardeners. He seeks dialogue between man and nature through his works. His projects take the form of workshops and actions invited volunteers. He captures outskirts of the cities, particularly home gardens; he’s interested in how the citizens create their landscapes, domesticate it and reconstruct their favourite fragments of it. Intuitive activities of a gardener hobbyist in shaping the surroundings is the main theme of his projects.

Author of five individual exhibitions and participant of several group shows, including: Last Shot, Between (Pomiędzy), Into the Light (Przodem do światła), Down-to-earth (Mocne stąpanie po ziemi), Where the Rainbow Ends (Tam, gdzie kończy się tęcza) and the Young Art Biennale “Fish Eye 5”. Originator of workshops carried out among others with the Medialab Katowice, WRO Art Center, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice, or the Giesche Foundation. Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and of the Voivodeship Marshal of Silesia.


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