Kavaleridze RE:VISION – lecture and presentation by WRO / Kiev, Ukraine

October 18th, 2018 / Thursday
12 AM – 5 PM

Kavaleridze RE:VISION – lecture and presentation by WRO / Kiev, Ukraine

October 18th, 2018 / Thursday
12 AM – 5 PM


Kavaleridze RE:VISION is aimed to create an updated exhibition of Ivan Kavaleridze museum-studio, developed during the international residence in cooperation with artists from the Eastern Partnership countries and Poland, through innovative technologies of digitalization and the art of new media.

Ivan Kavaleridze (1887–1978) was sculptor, director of cinema and theater, playwright, scriptwriter who lived in Kiev.

The international artist-in-residence program Kavaleridze RE:VISION takes place in Kiev and lasts for 10 days. A team of curators and researchers is will help artists taking part in residency to meet the heritage of Kavaleridze, the context of the city and establishing reformational changes with the help of innovative technologies of digitalization and the new media art.

WRO team will appear among other experts – Dagmara Domagała will give a lecture focusing on the most contemporary means of presenting and experiencing art and Magdalena Kreis will talk about are mediation in the context of the presentation of Interactive Playground exhibition at Izoylatsia.

Partners: Dream Projects – Interdisciplinary Centre of Art and Culture Development along with the Museum-workshop I.P. Kavaleridze, supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation in partnership with Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

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Detailed information about presentations by WRO:

How art can save the soul of technology
lecture by Dagmara Domagała
October 18th, 2018 / 12:00 AM – 1:300 PM

Walter Benjamin was sure that technological reproducility of an artwork will result in total atrophy of its aura sourced in the uniqueness of an aesthetic experience. So are we able to feel the Stendhal syndrome while experiencing an old VHS tape screened on a CRT monitor? Despite Benjamin’s groundbreaking thesis, history shows that art in fact can make technology a lot more accessible and humane. The technological progress is in fact opening a whole new world to modern museums, expanding the range of exhibiting strategies which can improve the museum experiences and make it a lot more fun and compelling.

During the lecture we would look through the most contemporary means of presenting and experiencing art. We will search for new strategies of disseminating the archives and audience development. In terms of art, classic doesn’t mean boring and contemporary doesn’t mean hollow. We won’t look for a museum of the future, but make the future happen in the space of a museum.


Media art and art mediation – starting for the youngest audience
presentation + guided tour through the exhibition + discussion by Magdalena Kreis
October 18th, 2018 / 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

The aim of the presentation is to share experiences of WRO Art Center connected with working with media art and visitors at different ages – both children and adults – in the context of Interactive Playground exhibition. The first version of the exhibition was premiered in 2008 on the occasion of the opening of WRO. Since then, it has been built up together with a rich educational program targeted at children, their parents, teachers and guardians.

During the presentation, participants will have opportunity to go through the exhibition with deep insight to all elements of the Interactive Playground concept – both interactive installations and accompanying elements like the guide book, ‘The Dog’ app for mobile devices, as well as events within the program of the exhibition.

The idea of the meeting with participants of RE:VISION project is to show the curatorial practices of the WRO Art Center and its specific approach to the audience through new media and process of art mediation.