EEC / POSTCARD PHOTO COMPETITION: Odkrytki. Kochanym ciotkom (PL)

13 May – 3 July 2016

EEC / POSTCARD PHOTO COMPETITION: Odkrytki. Kochanym ciotkom (PL)

13 May – 3 July 2016



The competition is organized by the Odkrytki. Kochanym ciotkom collective and the WRO Art Center. It aims to bring together the most interesting photos documenting in various ways different places, exhibitions, events, artists, and the city itself within the Eco Expanded City project. We want to deeper engage the audience – both professionals and amateurs. The jury will choose 20 most striking photographs and make a unique series of postcards from them.

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The “Odkrytki. Kochanym ciotkom” project attempts to upgrade the idea of making postcards. Things that mostly come to mind when thinking of a postcard, such as the size of 10 × 15 cm, a usually laminated cover photo with a picturesque landscape, often collagelike and with unrefined caption – became a kitschy anti-example for the founders of the collective. From the very beginning, their goal was to fight the stereotypical approach to postcards, both in terms of its form and content. They play with the form of a postcard to showcase unknown or hidden places that might otherwise never have seen the daylight. The “Odkrytki. Kochanym ciotkom” collective also wants to change the way of thinking about presenting photographs. Everyone can be an artist. For the ”Odkrytki. Kochanym ciotkom” collective it is also important not only to make postcards, but also to send them to friends, family, cultural institutions, and to keep the tradition alive.

The Odkrytki. Kochanym ciotkom collective was formed by Paulina Anna Galanciak + Katarzyna Ramocka + Michał Woroniak (PL)


Paulina Anna Galanciak, graduated in Spanish and French Philology, and the afa – Wroclaw’s School of Photography. She serves as an executive producer of the Brave Festival. She also organizes photography activities for children and youth within the TIFF Collective. She is a permanent (and sometimes self-proclaimed) “arranger” and a perpetual guardian of deadlines.

Katarzyna Ramocka, studies Photography at the University of Arts in Poznan. She also graduated from the afa – Wroclaw’s School of Photography. She likes good design and wants to be a sailor.

Michał Woroniak, born in Wroclaw, a photographer, besides a perfectionist. He graduated from the afa – Wroclaw’s School of Photography. Since 2014 a student of Photography at the University of Arts in Poznan. Misunderstood savior of the world.


(PL) Z wielką radością informujemy, że już niedługo będziecie mogli podziwiać pocztówki z fotografiami autorstwa:

Alicji Michalskiej
Michaliny Miki
Zuzanny Ostrowskiej
Jakuba Wańczyka

GRATULUJEMY LAUREATOM i dziękujemy wszystkim zaangażowanym w konkurs!



The Competition Terms and Conditions define the terms and conditions of entry and participation in the photography competition (hereafter: the Competition) under the Eco Expanded City project (hereafter: the Project). The terms and conditions are available online at and

§ 1.   

The Organiser of the Competition is the WRO Media Art Center Foundation (KRS 0000072330), whose registered office is at ul. Kuźnicza 29a, Wrocław (hereafter: the Organiser) in collaboration with the „Odkrytki. Kochanym ciotkom” Group (hereafter the Co-organiser).

§ 2. 

  1. The subject of the Competition is to select 20 most interesting documentary photographs taken in relation and pertaining to the Eco Expanded City Project, which will then be turned into postcards. The Competition takes place from 13 May, 2016 to 3 July, 2016 in Wrocław. The detailed programme listing all the Project events is available online at
  2. The Competition is free to enter and not purchase is necessary.
  3. The Competition is open to all physical persons who submit his or her own work (a photograph) together with a filled-in entry form.
  4. Minors and other persons with no legal capacity may enter the Competition with the consent of the relevant statutory representative.
  5. Employees of the Organiser and the Co-organiser as well as their immediate families are barred from entering the Competition.
  6. The Competition places no constraints on the technique or number of submitted works, provided that each photograph is entered separately.

§ 3.   

  1. All entries must be submitted by an electronic entry form available at by 11 PM on 3 July 2016.
  2. An entry is comprehended as one photograph taken individually by the Competition Entrant.
  3. Submission of the entry form is comprehended to entail acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Competition.

§ 4. 

  1. The Entrant declares that each photograph submitted is an outcome of his or her own original, individual work and does not impinge on the copyright of third parties.
  2. The Entrant declares that he or she is the sole owner of the property copyrights to the photograph and grants the Organiser a world-wide and unlimited licence to use this photograph without additional compensation in the following fields of use:
    – preserving, storing and reproducing the photograph in the form of printed matter and multi-media publications as well as in digital media devices and data carriers,
    – circulation and distribution,
    – public display, screening, broadcasting and dissemination on TV, mobile phone networks and the Internet.
  3. The Entrant declares that all persons visible in the photograph consent to the public use and dissemination of their personal image.
  4. The Entrant consents for his or her personal data to be processed in the scope and for the purpose necessary for the conduction of the Competition with his or her participation.

§ 5. 

  1. The administrator of the personal data of the Entrants is the Organiser. The persons to whom the aforesaid data pertain have the right to access and rectify their personal data.
  2. The personal data of the Entrants will be processed in compliance with the legal provisions on the protection of personal data, in particular the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (JOL no 101 of 2002, item 926 with subsequent amendments) in the scope and for the purpose necessary to conduct and complete the Competition with the participation of a given Entrant, to deliver the award in the event of it being granted and to include the personal data of the Entrant in the list of the Competition Winners aw well as in the scope necessary for the Organiser and the Co-organiser to exercise their rights pursuant to the licence granted by the Competition Entrant.
  3. The Organiser declares that he will use the licence granted by the Entrants exercising respect for their personal rights.

§ 6.

  1. After the closing date of entry submission, the submitted entries will be reviewed and assessed by a panel consisting of representatives of the Organiser and the Co-organiser.
  2. The panel will select twenty winning photographs. The Panel’s decisions are final and conclusive. The Panel is under no obligation to give reasons for the decisions or to report on the course of the decision-making process.
  3. The results of the Competition will be officially announced by 15:00 on 15 July 2016. After the official announcement of the results, the Organiser will contact the Winners.
  4. Communications and information concerning the Competition will be made public by posting online at:,,, and subpages associated with the Competition.

§ 7. 

  1. The Organiser reserves the right to terminate, change or prolong the Competition in the event of occurrence of reasons beyond the Organiser’s control.
  2. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the Competition without giving reason as well as not to announce the winner or not to award the prize.
  3. Neither the Competition nor any of its elements is a game of chance as defined in the provisions of the Act on Games and Mutual Wagering.