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Tomasz Partyka / The Guard / 2004 / PL / 6’02”

A work situated between performance art and social documentation: an observation of young statuesque figures performing the change of the guard at the mist enshroud citadel in Brest, Belarus. This national ritual is and bizarre relict of the Soviet era maintained in the country of last dictatorship in Europe.

Andrzej K. Urbański, Mira Boczniowicz / Icons / 2003-2004 / PL / 2’47”

A single panoramic camera shot investigates the process of sacralization of a trademark and simultaneous desacralization of the subject of religious worship.

Jacek Niegoda / The Dissenter / 1995-2005 / PL / 5’20”

The event documented in this work took place in autumn 1995 as a part of Intermedia Workshop activities at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. A man walking up a descending escalator (the longest and in those times the only escalator in Gdansk) is brought into line by young bully boys. While intended to be a physical action, the event turned out to be a political one. The footage was edited in 2005

Jan Poppenhagen / To Box / 2003-2004 / DE/PL / 9’30”

By framing and slowing down the actions and reactions of a single boxer during a match, the author captures and distills the peculiar nature of struggle and competition as it refers to our interactions with others and with ourselves.

Alicja Karska, Aleksandra Went / Organization and Design of Space / 2002 / PL / 9’

While an abandoned concrete structure of an unfinished hotel is being slowly demolished, fictitious chambermaids are making beds and laying down to sleep, waitresses are walking around with trays, guests are coming and leaving with their suitcases. A quite absurd, delusive freshness of daily hotel business is confronted with the physical deconstruction process.

Kathrin Maria Wolkowicz / Baba Yaga / 2004 / PL/DE / 2’30”

In the deep forest stands the hut of Baba Yaga. When she’s not at home, she is riding around on her broom. In the evening she goes hunting for fresh children’s meat. She has lots of men. What is left are the traces of her sumptuous orgies. If you stay away from paths marked by these signs, nothing will happen to you.

Anna Orlikowska / Endless Loop / 2007 / PL / 3’25”

Video loop showing a process of permeating and secreting of a mysterious substance. The matter, as well as the whole situation presented remain unidentified and both their repetitiveness and continuity may be associated with intratissular vital functions.

Joanna Hoffmann / Walls / 2007 / PL / 5’17”

The material for this video has been shot in Calcutta, Berlin and Poznan and probably it could not have been produced or created anywhere else. The piece is about the flow of time and our sensation of a place being no longer limited to particular parameters of space. It is a sequence of multilayered images and impressions, composed out of more or less abstract pieces of walls and brickworks. In our ever expanding and transparent world the walls still protect us, limit, connect and define the space that surrounds us, as well as our experience of it.

Małgorzata Dobke / Cars at Night / 2004 / PL / 4’47”

Multilayered moving images of cars which are identified more with non-physical objects rather than with material, stable ones. They move according to street language, inside the pattern of lines. Car transport, an inevitable part of city life is also a constant flow of energies and mixture of realities.

Jacek Kościuszko / Mr. Parabollic / 2003 / PL / 5’08”

An animated story about one unusual and routine free day of Mr. Parabollic, when ordinary chair becomes a vehicle that carries him through the streets of the old Polish city of Torun. A journey with a chair is a wonderful and playful adventure, but there is no such pleasure that lasts for ever.

Grzegorz Gonsior / Eye / 2003 / PL / 4’10”

A notation of a surrounding reality perceived from a peculiar perspective. All along the piece, most of the frame is dominated by the author’s eye, observing the changing surroundings. The eye together with the entourage was recorded with the use of specially constructed helmet which enables to capture an eye from a close-up along with the surroundings reflected in a specs within one frame.