Rafał Jakubowicz: SP/PS*. Notional Art/Post Scriptum

9 April, 2010

Rafał Jakubowicz: SP/PS*. Notional Art/Post Scriptum

9 April, 2010


The neon, designed by Rafał Jakubowicz and installed on the WRO Art Center’s façade, refers to the diagram-sketch by Jerzy Ludwiński from 1980, presenting a word ‘sztuka’ (art) blurred to an unintelligible zigzag. The title of Jakubowicz’s work corresponds with the title of the exhibition: SP.Sztuka Pojęciowa organized by Ludwiński in 1970 at the Wrocław’s Pod Moną Lizą Gallery – one of the most important spaces for the emerging conceptual movement in Poland.

Referring to the title of Ludwiński’s exhibition, Jakubowicz adds his own comment to the substantial point in the history of Polish art. At the same time, ‘notional’ is a term describing actions of conceptual provenience, that Ludwiński understood in a broader sense: as artistic strategies that put emphasis on the idea of a work of art rather than the physical object itself.

Jakubowicz believes in the social impact of art. The SP/PS* project is an example of this, as it puts into practice one of the major avant-garde ideas of bringing down barriers between art and reality. This issue was taken up by Ludwiński in one of his most important writings: ‘Art in the Post-Artistic Age’.

The private view and launching the neon will be preceded by a meeting with the artist, with the participation of Justyna Kowalska (curator, Le Guern Gallery) and Piotr Bernatowicz (editor, ‘Arteon’ magazine).
Presentation at WRO Art Center will be accompanied by materials from Jerzy Ludwiński’s Archive, a part of Zachęta Silesia Fine Arts Association collection, by the courtesy of ZSFAA.

Rafał Jakubowicz (1974) lives and works in Poznań, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and is currently pursuing PhD studies at the History of Art Institute, Adam Mickiewicz University. In his works he applies different media, his articles are published in art press and exhibition catalogues. In 2002 Jakubowicz founded an artistic group Wunderteam. Since 2005 he has been a member of AICA – International Association of Art Critics.

Accompanying events

(Polski) 17:00
Spotkanie z Rafałem Jakubowiczem, Justyną Kowalską (Galeria Le Guern) i Piotrem Bernatowiczem (Arteon)

Wernisaż, zapalenie neonu

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