SIGNALS / Interactive Playground

post-exhibition project book

SIGNALS / Interactive Playground

post-exhibition project book

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From the introduction:

SIGNALS / Interactive Playground was an experimental exhibition, a field of intensive work with visitors of all ages, and at times a school of life for both hosts and guests. This publication summarizes the long-term, multidimensional curatorial and art-mediation project that started in 2018, on the 10th anniversary of the Interactive Playground exhibition. It was first shown at the opening of the WRO Art Center in 2008.

More about the exhibition: HERE

concept of the book and texts: Magdalena Kreis
edited by: Viola Krajewska
graphic design: Malwina Hajduk
english translation and proofreading: Emilia Staniek & Brian BJ Turner
proofreading: Nari Krajewska

premiere of the publication: April 2020
numbered copies
bilingual publication (PL/EN)