SIGNALS / Interactive Playground

January 14 – April 29, 2018

SIGNALS / Interactive Playground

January 14 – April 29, 2018


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The “TeToKi!” installation will be available after the screening (around 1:30 PM), which is part of the Sunday Matinées at WRO program.

ATTENTION! The exhibition might be unsuitable for you if you suffer from epilepsy or heart disease.

COOPERATION: panGenerator for Disney



The exhibition takes place in the context of the 10th anniversary of the concept of Interactive Playground, an innovative and constantly developed exhibition of installations and media objects. The first version of the exhibition was premiered in 2008 on the occasion of the opening of WRO Art Center. Since then, it has been built up together with a rich educational program targeted at children, their parents, teachers and guardians. The SIGNALS exhibition will be opened at the outbreak of winter holidays and will for the first time feature works that have also been created outside WRO.

In this iteration of the exhibition, we’ll focus primarily on sound signals (we’ll present interactive installations to play with sound), but the visual layer of the exhibition will be equally important. We’ll prove that an exhibition for children can work in black and white. Thus, once again, we’ll leave the stereotypical associations of children’s activities behind.

The exhibition will be accompanied by workshops and other activities with guest artists that will result in another installation in the form of a sound game presented which will become part of the exhibition.

In the Media Library, you will be able to have a look at various mobile music apps and browse through publications devoted to sounds to become an inspiration for further own explorations at home, school or in the playground. We have also prepared a special program of the Sunday Matinée at WRO, devoted to sound motifs in the animated film.


concept and coordination: Magdalena Kreis
visual identification: Malwina Hajduk
production: the WRO team


TeToKi! [Technology to the Kids!]
Paweł Janicki, cooperation: Magdalena Kreis

A completely new set of interactive installations that allows you to play with patterns and rhythms, sounds and music, light and movement. All the TeToKi! works are based on simple signals – a monochrome light or a synthetic sound – and serve as reproductions of or variations on the existing media works and important techniques used (or created) by artists working with electronic media. It is also a reference to works and ways of working of the “analog” artists who anticipated concepts and strategies relevant to media art.


panGenerator / Piotr Barszczewski, Krzysztof Cybulski, Krzysztof Goliński, Jakub Koźniewski

An interactive, kinetic audiovisual sculpture inspired by the characteristic ears of Mickey Mouse that we all know well. The installation turns around and samples sounds from the surrounding turning them into musical rhythmic sequences, the tone of which can be shaped by the audience taking part in the interaction.

The work has been commissioned by Disney and its first presentation was held at the Museum for Children at the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.


Pass it on (presentation from March 27th, 2018)
Magdalena Kreis, Paweł Janicki, Michał Michalczak and the workshop participants, 2018

An interactive installation created during the workshops of the same title, which took place during the winter holidays. The installation uses sounds recorded by children and the collage illustrations created by them, inspired by various auditory sensations. “Pass it on” is a kind of musical machine using the illustrations as visual scores controlling the sound composition.

Workshop participants: Maja Kołkowska, Olga Kraszewska, Gustaw Zieliński, Marta Remża, Łucja Ładyżyńska, Szymon Chorostkowska, Leon Jakubicki, Oliwia Ławniczak, Oliwia Pluta, Laura Łaban, Urszula Kalita, Kajetan Zieliński


Which way to the sound (presentation till March 25th, 2018)
Izabela Kościesza, Jarek Kordaczuk

The work has been premiered at the 21st Biennal of Art for Children in Poznan in the form of a workshop to create music with movement and gesture. During the exhibition at WRO, it’ll take the shape of an installation that allows you to search for sounds by moving between the objects on the floor. Walking between them will trigger more and more new sound effects. In creating musical compositions, map-scores will be helpful, determining the routes and suggesting where to reach the sound. See for yourself how does a restless orchestra looks like!