WIDOK: WRO Media Art Reader 3

Widok 3: Istvan Kantor: Media Revolt

WIDOK: WRO Media Art Reader 3

Widok 3: Istvan Kantor: Media Revolt

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Istvan Kantor: Media Revolt

book + DVD, 123 pages, hardcover, English version only
edited by Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska and Piotr Krajewski
Wroclaw, 2014


Machine Poem [It was very nice] (1980)

The Art of Rebelion (2013)

Study of Perspective (2013)

Machine Poem [I repeat] (1983-1999)

Machine Poem [Video Video Hot Dog] (1983-1999)

Historical Outline of My Performance Work (2008)

Media of Revolt: A Historical Outline of My Media Art Work (2008)

The Toy Gun (2004)

Basic Tactics (1997)

35 Years of Neoism (1979-2014)

Machine Poem [It has] (1983-1999)

Machine Poem [I’m telling you] (1983-1999)

The Book of Neoism?! (since 1979)

The Beauty of Vandalism (1998)

Transmission Machine (2007)

Accumulations (1997)

Machine Poem [suck] (1983-1999)

Machine Poem [I just want to fuck] (1983-1999)

Absurdity (1984)

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Istvan Kantor: Media Revolt

ANTIHERO! / CoCr-remix
performance recorded at the Media Art Biennale WRO 2011 Alternatice Now, 23:50

Revolutionary Song, 2006, 9:30

Song of the Antihero, 2010, 10:20

Neoist Hokey-Pokey, 2010, 5:30

Black Flag, 1998, 9:00

Accumulation, 2001, 10:00

Chanson a mourir, 1983/89/2010, 6:00

White-Boy from the East, 2009, 19:00

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