WRO Biennale 2023: Fungible Content

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May 10-14 for the opening events

WRO Biennale 2023: Fungible Content

save the date:
May 10-14 for the opening events


For the first time, on the 20th edition of the WRO Biennale, we are making the preparation of the exhibitions themselves a subject of the presentation. Their openings, from May 10-14, 2023, will be preceded by a joint work of artists and the public in the community and pop-up club space of WRO.

We are building a program based on in-house choices, as well as on the competence of an international curatorial group formed during the work of the European Media Art Platform (EMAP), to choose from among several hundred submissions the most interesting, recent projects, currently being realized during artistic residencies in more than a dozen places in Europe. Some of them will premiere at WRO. Other works are recent pieces that have come to our attention at art events with similar to our optic for sharing attentiveness to the hard-to-grasp and rapid communication processes and the mutability of their social meanings.

The launch of the Biennale in April – a series of open lectures, screenings, and workshops, precedes the May Club Situation at WRO Art Center – a meeting place for the authors of the works, invited artists, activists, curators, mediators, and viewers while working together, having meals, DJ sets, and preparing exhibitions at several venues in Wroclaw. Their openings are accompanied by performances and concerts, while the exhibitions will last until the end of May 2023.

20th Media Art Biennale WRO 2023 Treści wymienialne / Fungible Content

Forms “doing,” “did,” “do” constitute a single lexeme; “doer” is a separate lexeme.
Lexeme (linguistics) a unit of lexical meaning, roughly corresponding to the set of inflected forms taken by a single word.

In art expressed by means of communication technology, derived from the mediatization of tools, does there occur a qualitative moment that stabilizes communicable but damaged, movable (politically too mobile) meanings, freely used, transformed into a propaganda slogan words and signs, that seem universal?

Here is V, here is Z, interceptions of which we do not understand, as formerly, in the 20th century, the transformation of the Sanskrit symbol of happiness.

If we manage to look at the transformation of meanings in the creative process directed at another person, at other people, which is not about subordination, but about co-creation, we’ll maybe discover the what mechanism of the violent impulse resulting from the interchangeability of content is.

The mechanism of communication and negotiation of contents and their fungibility, seemingly safe in art, as its security created only a non-exchangeable token for the artifact and the appearance of its value. By wandering around the periphery of the economy, highlighting the attractiveness of the exclusive, it is unable, however, to grasp the value of sharing and negotiating content – so meaningful in media art and proper to it.

The Biennale, in its 20th edition, will act as a mediator, presenting works selected in the process of WRO’s curatorial cooperation with many partners, including those created during artistic residencies, where the starting point for a creative act is always to establish grammar and lexis in a new situation.


Alizée Armet / Leon Butler / Marek Chołoniewski / Cod.Act / Thomas Dekeyser, Andrew Culp, Dana Papachristou / Food Think Tank / Emanuel Gollob / Aleksander Janicki / Anna Kaczkowska, Elżbieta Kowalska, Tomasz Miśtura / So Kanno, Akihiro Kato, Takemi Watanuki / Valerie Karpan, Maryna Khrypun / Peter Kutin, Patrik Lechner, Mathias Lenz / Norman Leto / Madina Magomedova / Vitalina Lui Magomedova / Robert Mainka / Nadja Verena Marcin / Karina Marusińska / Monika Masłoń / Rosa Menkman / Mikro Orchestra: Paweł Janicki, Mariusz Jura, Jarosław Kujda, Małgorzata Kujda, Tomasz Procków / Paula Nishijima / OPN Studio: Susana Ballesteros, Jano Montañés / Hyunjung Park / Wojciech Puś / Random Check: Laura Adel, Michał Bednarski, Zuzanna Klepacka, Zuzanna Kliniewska, Bartosz Koziar, Paweł Masin, Weronika Mikłusiak, Julia Piątek, Adam Porębski, Marcin Rupociński, Alperen Sahin, Piotr Tokarz, Aleksandra Trojanowska, Maja Wolińska, Agata Zemla, Olgierd Żemojtel / Józef Robakowski / Rybn.org, Marie Lechner / Bartosz Seifert / The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA: Ken Furudate, Daisuke Ishida Kazuhiro Jo, Mizuki Noguchi / Jana Shostak / Winnie Soon / Khin Thethtar Latt AKA Nora / T(N)C: Agnes Varnai, Tina Kult / Total Refusal: Susanna Flock, Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf / Marleine van der Werf / Karolina Wojtas / Tao Ya-Lun / Shota Yamauchi / ŻÓŁĆ

and others