Thursdays at WRO

Artists from Ukraine in Wroclaw
meetings and presentations accompanying the Miniatures exhibition
Jun 26 – Oct 16, 2022

Thursdays at WRO

Artists from Ukraine in Wroclaw
meetings and presentations accompanying the Miniatures exhibition
Jun 26 – Oct 16, 2022


We try to answer the question about the situation of the creator now, being a visitor, a refugee, a nomad, an artist. Every Thursday we meet in a friendly circle: the WRO team, artists, artists, people willing to share presence and curiosity.
You are invited!

Previous workshops:

Jul 7, 6:00 PM – Vita Magomedova (Віта Магомедова)
Iconic Workshop

Jul 14, 6:00 PM – Mark Pohodin (Марк Погодін)
photographer, poet, economist

The artist about himself:
I graduated from an economics degree and a one-year program at the Academy of Photography. I got into visual media by “accident”, that is, a friend recommended me in 2014 to buy an analog camera for 50 zloty. Before that, I was more interested in literature and poetry, as you can sometimes see.

Jul 21, 6:00 PM – Oleksandra Balytska
illustrator, graphic designer

Oleksandra Balytska was born in Kyiv in 1995. She graduated from the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw with a master’s degree in graphic design. She works in book illustration, cooperates with Polish and foreign magazines (including New York Times, The Atlantic, and Refinery29), and creates her original graphic designs.

Artist about herself:
Hyperbolized proportions and surrealistic elements are the keywords that best characterize my illustrations. I had studied at university for several years, and then the idea of experimenting with the proportions of the human body came as the opposite of academic drawing. This approach gave a sense of freedom. However, I can’t say that I ignore all the rules: color, composition, and form are still very important to me. The female characters in surrealistic decorations from a dream balance the border between the real and the fantasized world. They are all imaginary figures. However, I believe that, in a way, every artist inadvertently draws themselves. For me, playing with body proportions is an attempt to find harmony and beauty in unusual forms.

Jul 28, 6:00 PM – Oleksandr Ostapczuk
Collage Workshops

Sep 1, 6:00 PM – Dasha Bogdan
Movement Workshops

Sep 8, 6:00 PM – Ganna Grudnytska
Join us for a Thursday meeting with Ganna Grudnitskaya, a visual artist who draws her inspiration from music, yoga and cognitive practices. Ganna will talk about her goals and explorations. She will show how one can use multiple experiences to find one’s own unique path. The artist will offer several breathing practices and some universal relaxing asanas from yoga. The meeting will include a presentation of the artist’s works, a story combined with listening to music and a gentle practice of breathing and asanas.

Sep 15, 6:00 PM – Anastasiia Korniichuk
meeting and creating a collage

Artist about herself:
My name is Anastasiia, and three years ago, life led me to study in Poland at the only possible department where I saw myself – graphic design and visual communication. I’ve been taking photographs and studying programs all my life, but it wasn’t until the time that I realized that it’s the only thing that gives me strength and acts as therapy at the same time. I decided to go in this direction for myself. Take photos, process them, create compositions that interest me, and sometimes supplement them with text. The most important thing is to find “my own”. To put my guts on paper, to create new worlds and not to be afraid to make mistakes in them, to show emotions and to be honest, to reflect my thoughts on paper, using color and shape.

Sep 22, 6:00 PM – Mariia Serhiienko
workshop of drawing on clothes

During the meeting with Mariia Serhiienko, there will be a workshop on drawing geometric abstractions on clothes, inspired by the shapes that accompany us during the exhibition Miniatures – Interactive Playground. The source of inspiration will be the visual identity created by Malwina Hajduk.

Sep 29, 6:00 PM — Oleksandra Savkina

We will spend the last Thursday in September with Oleksandra Savkina, who will conduct an illustrator’s workshop. Sasha is a budding illustrator experimenting with matter and form. She studies at the Faculty of Graphic Design at Wrocław’s SWPS.

During the meeting with the artist, we will look at the creative process, and experiment with color, shape, and narrative in the illustration itself. The meeting will be held in three languages (Ukrainian, Polish, and English). Participation is free, we will provide the necessary materials.

Oct 6, 6:00 PM – Ildar Szamsejew

On October 6th we are welcoming to our space Ildar Szamsejew — music producer, sound engineer and DJ.
At 18:00 as a part of the project Thursdays at WRO we will host a workshop during which Ildar will show how to create music, how we can modify the sound, tell us what a synthesizer is, what a sampler is, what it looks like to work in the audio industry and how everyone could start their own adventure in the world of sound waves. In addition, all together we will create our own track on the spot, recording sounds from the environment and using studio equipment.

Oct 13, 6:00 PM – Paweł Janicki
Gaude Polonia, gaude WRO

A brief history of the long relationship between WRO and the Gaude Polonia program. Gaude Polonia is a scholarship program operated by the National Cultural Center (NCK). The program is intended for people – involved in art, science or in some way combining the two – from Eastern and Central Europe, wishing to develop their competencies and carry out projects during residencies in Poland. Many people involved in art and media studies choose the WRO Art Center as their host institution. That’s why there have been quite a few Gaude Polonia grantees and scholarship holders passing through our thresholds; we are also constantly engaging with more people.

During the meeting, we will talk about how the historical character of successive rounds of residencies has changed and how their stay with us has influenced the further lives of those we have hosted – all richly illustrated with examples, of course.