In search of a non_playground

follow the instructions by pracownia .k

In search of a non_playground

follow the instructions by pracownia .k

(Polski) Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego pochodzących z Funduszu Promocji Kultury, uzyskanych z dopłat ustanowionych w grach objętych monopolem państwa, zgodnie z art. 80 ust. 1 ustawy z dnia 19 listopada 2009 r. o grach hazardowych.


Together with the pracownia k. we have prepared for you workshops, which you can carry out on your own, using the instructions below.

The action consists of two parts. First, following the instructions in the manual, go for a walk to a meadow, forest, or any green place. Collect the necessary materials, such as earth, sand, sticks, stones or cones. Make a model of the part of the land you are going to be on.

The second stage is to hack the landscape – think about how to use your area for fun. How can you play in this space – is it enough as it is (e.g. a tree for climbing, a hill for running away), or do you need to add some elements, e.g. a swing on a tree or a bridge over a river.

During the next walk, try to find a nice place and think about what you can change there to have fun. Or maybe nature alone is enough?

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However, the scenario for independent action is not everything, in the autumn the pracownia near Wrocław will come to Wrocław and together with you will hack the square in front of WRO! That’s what they know, that’s what they like and that’s what they decided to focus on.

Playgrounds are understood broadly – they design school and kindergarten gardens, home gardens with space for children, educational spaces, the so-called natural playgrounds, as well as playrooms and temporary installations. They have a lot of other activities on the borderline of various design fields, for many years they have also conducted architectural workshops for children.

Anna Komorowska – landscape architect, pedagogue, by avocation columnist

Michał Rokita – architect, by avocation graphic designer

Franek and Antek – fun specialists, main testers