TRACES / Interactive Playground

Jan 19 – Mar 10, 2020

TRACES / Interactive Playground

Jan 19 – Mar 10, 2020


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intallations inside the gallery are on after the screening – around 1 PM

(PL) Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego pochodzących z Funduszu Promocji Kultury, uzyskanych z dopłat ustanowionych w grach objętych monopolem państwa, zgodnie z art. 80 ust. 1 ustawy z dnia 19 listopada 2009 r. o grach hazardowych


The Interactive Playground Project continues to develop. The SIGNALS show staged for the project’s 10th anniversary is now followed by TRACES.

The pieces on display at the new exhibition are designed to help us track traces of the natural environment and reduce the deficit of nature in our everyday lives.

As children, we are particularly receptive to the world around us and we learn to relate to our surroundings. The program of TRACES features a selection of artworks accompanied by events and extra activities which will give us an opportunity to feel nature, raising our consciousness of how precious nature is and how early we should start forming proper attitudes to it.

At the heart of the show lies the TEXTURES installation, an assemblage of five nature-derived textures/phenomena which was originally part of the Interactive Playground. On the first floor of the WRO, you are welcome to join the WILD WORKSHOP, where objects brought from the woods can be used to produce your own artistic forms.

In the purpose-designed, dedicated setting of the gallery, we can listen to Tomasz Mirt’s field recordings made in various corners of the world. In THE QUEST FOR SOUND, the challenge is to figure out where the sounds come from and who/what produces them.

With the exhibition in mind, Paweł Janicki in collaboration with Małgorzata Sikorska and Sebastian Siepietowski developed an interactive installation called THE NOISE AND THEN THE FOREST, which responds to the audience-generated humming.

The show is accompanied by creative interventions performed by invited artists and mediators. The Media Library will offer ample publications on environmental protection, knowledge of nature and sylvan stories.

During the exhibition, from January to March, theme-focused Sunday Matinées are planned which will help us explore the secrets of nature.

Dzikie Dzieci
Paweł Janicki
Patrycja Mastej
Tomasz Mirt
Dominika Sobolewska
Sebastian Siepietowski

concept and coordination: Małgorzata Sikorska

visual identification: Malwina Hajduk
production: WRO team